WUS-2 O-Ring Shaft Seal To Replace Nippon Pillar Mechanical Seals US-2 For Marine Pump

Short Description:

Our model WUS-2 is a perfect replacement mechanical seal of Nippon Pillar US-2 marine mechanical seal. It is a special designed mechanical seal for marine pump. It is a single spring unbalanced seal for non-clogging operation. It is highly used in the marine and shipbuilding industry since it meets many requirements and dimensions set by Japanese Marine Equipment Association.

With the single acting seal, it is applied to slow medium reciprocating movement or slow rotary movement of the hydraulic cylinder or cylinder. Sealing pressure range is more widely, from vacuum to zero pressure, super high pressure, can ensure reliable sealing requirements.

Analogue for: Flexibox R20, Flexibox R50, Flowserve 240, Latty T400, NIPPON PILLAR US-2, NIPPON PILLAR US-3, Sealol 1527, Vulcan 97

Product Detail

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  • Robust O-Ring mounted Mechanical Seal
  • Capable of many shaft-sealing duties
  • Unbalanced pusher-type Mechanical Seal

Combination Material

Rotary Ring
Carbon, SIC, SSIC, TC
Stationary Ring
Carbon, Ceramic, SIC, SSIC, TC
Secondary Seal

Stainless Steel (SUS304)
Stainless Steel (SUS316)
Metal Parts
Stainless Steel (SUS304)
Stainless Steel (SUS316)

Operating Ranges

  • Mediums: Water, oil, acid, alkali, etc.
  • Temperature: -20°C~180°C
  • Pressure: ≤1.0MPa
  • Speed: ≤ 10 m/Sec

Maximum Operating Pressure Limits primarily depend upon Face Materials, Shaft Size, Speed and Media.


Pillar seal is widely used for big sea ship pump, In order to prevent corrosion by sea water, it is furnished with mating face of plasma flame fusible ceramics. so it is a marine pump seal with ceramic coated layer on the seal face, offer more resistance against sea water.

It can be used in reciprocating and rotary movement and can adapt to most fluids and chemicals. Low friction coefficient, no crawling under precise control, good anti-corrosion capability and good dimensional stability. It can withstand rapid temperature changes.

Suitable Pumps

Naniwa Pump, Shinko Pump, Teiko Kikai, Shin Shin for BLR Circ water, SW Pump and many other applications.


WUS-2 dimension data sheet (mm)


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