Mechanical Seals Spare Parts

Sealing material is an important factor that affects the service time of a mechanical seal. Moreover, the wrong combination of sealing materials may cause premature seal failure and worse loss. Users must consider the working environment the seals are used and choose the right mechanical seal face materials. Victor supplies a series of seals made of different materials. Please click the following pages to get more details about mechanical seal face materials or contact us for further information. Despite the complete mechanical seal set, we can also supply customer the spare parts of mechanical seals like the rubber part ( Viton, NBR, PTFE ,Aflas…..), housing and spring parts (SS304,SS316) and as well as most important seal ring parts(SIC seal ring, SSIC seal ring, Carbon seal ring, Ceramic seal ring and Tungsten Carbide seal ring). For the standard seal ring like G6, G6,G60 with different size, enough stock is prepared for customers. And also the OEM drawing from customer for different spare parts is also available.