190497 22MM Imo Pump Seal 190497, Marine Pump Mechanical Seal

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22MM Imo Pump Seal 190497, Marine Pump Mechanical Seal

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-40℃ to 220℃ depend on the elastomer
         22MM Face: SS304, SS316
Up to Up to 25 bar
Seat: Carbon
Speed: Up to 25 m/s O-rings: NBR, EPDM, VIT
End Play /axial float Allow: ±1.0mm Metal parts: SS304, SS316




We can provide follow IMO ACE 3 generation pump spare parts.
Code: 190497,190495,194030,190487,190484,190483,189783.
IMO ACE 3 pump spare parts secondary seal 190468,190469.
pump mechanical seal parts-22mm
triple rotors screw pump
fuel oil supply system for ship in marine
ACE ACG series
high temp. mechanical seals.
Imo pump mechanical seal parts-22mm
1. IMO ACE025L3 pump to suit mechanical shaft seal 195C-22mm, Imo 190495 (wave spring)
2. IMO-190497 ACE pump mechanical seal for marine industry, Imo 190497 (coil spring)
3. IMO ACE 3 pump spare parts shaft seal 194030, Imo 194030 (coil spring)

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